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When We Meet (HINDI DUBBED) | STARFILX | complete

20240225 000342


COUNTRY  k drama
Duration: 70 mint.
QUALITY 480p, 720p
SIZE 300MB, 500MB

dub BY ikd

if server 1 (gdrive) link not work than use server2 (terabox) or 3


Talented artist Lu Ming is employed by a gallery. He runs into Deng Yu, a high school kid who is an exact replica of him, during an opening. Not only do they have the same face, but they also have the same mental illness that threatened Deng Yu’s career and ruined Lu Ming’s opportunities as an artist. Their desire to support one another’s success increases as they spend more time together.
Lu Ming’s best buddy, Ma Zi Xuan, goes above and beyond to support his friend in times of need, and he has a lovely girlfriend named Han You You. In the meantime, Deng Yu enjoys popularity at school and has a devoted circle of friends, which includes Xu Xiao Xiao, who recently transferred. Can these men eventually discover themselves or run the risk of losing everything they value most, including each other, as obstacles grow for them on a personal and professional level?


ep 1(terabox)ep 1(gdrive)

ep 2(terabox)ep 2(gdrive)

ep 3(terabox)ep 3(gdrive)

ep 4(terabox)ep 4(gdrive)

ep 5(terabox)ep 5(gdrive)

ep 6(terabox)ep 6(gdrive)

ep 7(terabox)ep 7(gdrive)

ep 8(terabox)ep 8(gdrive)

ep 9(terabox)ep 9(gdrive)

ep 10(terabox)ep 10(gdrive)

ep 11(terabox)ep 11(gdrive)

ep 12(terabox)ep 12(gdrive)

ep 13(terabox)ep 13(gdrive)

ep 14(terabox)ep 14(gdrive)

ep 15(terabox)ep 15(gdrive)

ep 16(terabox)ep 16(gdrive)

ep 17(terabox)ep 17(gdrive)

ep 18(terabox)ep 18(gdrive)

ep 19(terabox)ep 19(gdrive)

ep 20(terabox)ep 20(gdrive)

ep 21(terabox)ep 21(gdrive)

ep 22(terabox)ep 22(gdrive)

ep 23(terabox)ep 23(gdrive)

ep 24(terabox)ep 24(gdrive)

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